ALIGNED: The Art of Design – Virtual Tour

A DAAP Faculty, Student, and Alumni Exhibition

At 1628, we believe there is no such thing as creating in a vacuum. Art cannot be made without influence by its surroundings, and when you are in an art institution, you are influenced by the work others are creating around you. DAAP is a building dedicated to design thinking, where aesthetics are seen as a solution to creative problems. The art school is housed in a building devoted to design, creating an aesthetic of art unique to its students. 

“As an avid and long-time supporter of the arts, as well as being a University of Cincinnati graduate, I am pleased to be hosting these 16 artists to celebrate the artwork of my alma mater. These artists have a wide breadth of styles that shine a light on the diversity of work developed by artists from DAAP.” -Tamara Schwarting, CEO and Founder, 1628 Ltd.

Click here to experience the exhibition virtually,

Art in the Exhibition:

  1. Morphing Passage-3 by Frank Herrmann
  2. We’ve done everything like trial by fire so I guess we’ll stop trying now by Claire Talbot
  3. Crater III by Emily Farison
  4. Can I Go My Own Way? by Heather Jones
  5. Brocade 6 by Geoffrey “Skip” Cullen
  6. 100 Alternatives to I Don’t Know by Michael Roller
  7. Headbutt to the Chest, Take Two by Michael Roller
  8. Rural Infrastructure by Valerie Allen
  9. let’s talk by Saad Ghosn
  10. a malin malin et demi by Saad Ghosn
  11. Urban Fabric #2 by Andrew Steinbrecher
  12. Vikki’s Victorian by Jonpaul Smith
  13. A Grand Industry by Jonpaul Smith
  14. Exposure by Emily Farison
  15. Morphing Passage-2 by Frank Herrmann
  16. Morphing Passage-1 by Frank Herrmann
  17. Ebb and Flow by Devon Hensler
  18. dumb idiot feels stupid by Evan Verrilli
  19. Untitled by Becca Moskowitz
  20. Untitled by Becca Moskowitz
  21. The Great Mushroom Magnet by Maxwell Redder
  22. I told You… by Devon Hensler
  23. Flora by Emily Farison
  24. Landscape Two by Emily Schneider
  25. Reef by Emily Farison
  26. Tempelhof by Evan Verrilli
  27. Pivot or Persevere by Michael Roller
  28. Girls Take Comfort by Katherine Gibson
  29. Gun Sale by Jonpaul Smith
  30. Landscape One by Emily Schneider

For additional exhibition information or to purchase a work of art, please contact: Annabel Biernat, 1628 Art Curator at

Special Thanks to  Cinci360  for capturing the space and allowing 1628 the opportunity to share this exhibition with those not able to visit in person.



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