Rachel Suzanne Smith

Rachel Suzanne Smith & Jennifer Ramirez, Goldenrod (Collaborative) (2019), Medium Waterjet Cut Aluminum, Powder Coat, Fabric, Yarn, Laser Cut Acrylic

Rachel Suzanne Smith’s works focuses on highlighting naturally occurring wildflowers in a way for it to be celebrated. Her work consists of both sculptural and functional art jewelry, as well as adornment for the walls with direct references to specific flora encountered by the artist predominantly in her current place of residency at North East Ohio and in her hometown of Cincinnati. 

Smith is interested in the concept of Biophilia, that humans have a tendency to seek out and connect with nature. The flowers chosen for Smith’s works are often considered weeds when encountered in nature and are typically not curated into garden spaces. By reframing wildflowers in a positive light, the works give the viewer and wearer a moment to connect to nature when interacting with the works. 

While many profess a need for or inspiration from nature, ones ability to truly commune with the outdoors is often limited. The flowers chosen for Smith’s works are often considered weeds when encountered in nature and are typically not curated into garden spaces. Much of the plant imagery is inspired by plants growing in between cracks in the sidewalk, on abandoned lots for sale, and in strips of grass behind business buildings or in alleys that do not get attended to by a professional lawn service as they are not seen by the public. Those places and plant occurrences may appear at first glance to be forgotten or problematic compared to the well manicured society that we are used to.

Rachel Suzanne Smith art in 1628, Dandelion Aureole Series: Aura (2017), Laser Cut Steel, Powder Coat

Rachel Suzanne Smith is a studio artist and educator currently residing in the northeast Ohio area. She works as the Fabrication Lab Supervisor for Oberlin College Art Department, where she oversees and trains students on shop equipment and various studio processes.

Smith’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She was a finalist in the 2017 Friedrich Becker Prize and exhibited the work in the Finalist Exhibitions in the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf and the Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau. She was a 2016 Niche Award winner in the category of Sculpture to Wear. Also active in the Ohio art scene, Rachel has received the Fresh Air award at the Akron Summit Art Space, the award for Excellence in Metals at the Ohio Craft Museum “Best of” exhibition, and is a 2019 recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award.

Smith has a total of 7 pieces of art displayed in our Attention to Detail exhibit. All exhibit pieces are for sale. If you are interested in seeing the exhibition virtually, click here. If interested in purchasing or displaying art in the 1628 Coworking gallery, please contact us at art@1628ltd.com

You can view more of Smith’s work here. 

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