Kate Ensor, Jenna Wood, and Brianna Lude

Cincinnati is living proof that you don’t have to be in Chicago or New York to find a thriving artistic community. In fact, many of the most talented and exciting artists in the contemporary scene are living, learning, and creating in smaller – but just as passionate – cities all over the country. We are lucky to find ourselves here, in an area with not just one, but many different prestigious universities with art programs. These institutions are shaping the current generation of artists, providing them the guidance to discover their creative voice, and the community to help hone and nurture that newfound self-understanding. 

Campus Creatives highlights the work being made by emerging artists from four local institutions: Mount St. Joseph University, University of Cincinnati, Miami University, and Xavier University. With this latest generation comes a shift in our local artistic community, which can only be understood by exploring the work of those whose voices are quickly moving towards the forefront. Featured in this show are artists Kate Ensor, Jenna Wood, and Brianna Lude.


Kate Ensor is a painter based in Louisville, Kentucky. She is currently a fourth-year student pursuing her fine arts degree at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Her work has been shown at KMAC Museum, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, and Lewis Place. Her current practice focuses on expression and aesthetics through the material. She embraces the medium – whether it’s paint, pastels, textiles, or graphite.

“My current body of work focuses heavily on the use of color and aesthetics for observational expression. My interest in aesthetics is rooted in the home I grew up in. My mother is an interior designer and growing up in a house covered in thoughtfully curated fabrics, wallpapers, and furniture taught me to appreciate color and textures. I paint portraits for likeness, but more importantly the expression of identity. My goals are not in realism but in expression through the medium. I embrace the properties of the materials I use.”


Jenna Wood is a sculptor, fiber artist, and printmaker based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jenna is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Xavier University. Jenna is a McAuley Scholar and Vice President of Xavier’s Art Society. Much of her work is rooted in environmental justice and self-discovery.

“I am creating art that explores climate change and its relationship with human actions. Climate change is a dire issue that humans have caused. We have forever changed ecosystems and biodiversity, but there is still time to take action and incite change. I am influenced by the severe weather created by rising temperatures, my southern home getting hit by stronger hurricanes and blizzards. I am taking action to correct my harm towards the environment and call everyone to evaluate their impact on the environment and stand up for the Earth. We need to take care of our home.”


Brianna Lude is a ceramicist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati. Brianna has had their work exhibited at CampSITE Gallery. Their most recent works focus on the theme of escapism and creating things that make the viewer feel good.

“In recent years, I began delving into ceramics again after having neglected it for drawing. My recent ceramic pieces portray the theme of escapism, which allows oneself to immerse into a scene outside of life for a while, such as a kitchen or small forest scene away from daily life. The theme comes from my previous works focusing more on deeper, more emotional themes and my want to make something simply to bring joy to others.”



Multiple pieces in this exhibition are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any artwork from the show, please contact us at art@tamaras.wpenginepowered.com.


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