If you are looking for a space to work but want the flexibility of not having to sign a long-term lease, you might be considering renting either a virtual office or coworking space. However, it can be tricky to figure out which one is best for your needs since they both offer similar benefits. Let’s take a quick look at what makes these two options different. 


What is a Virtual Office? 

A virtual office offers its users access to an office address as well as mail handling services and phone answering services. It also provides access to meeting rooms and other amenities such as printing and copying facilities. This service is ideal for entrepreneurs who need an official business address but don’t need or want the hassle of managing their own physical workspace. 

Check out this article (Indeed, 2022) to learn more about virtual offices.


What is a Coworking Space? 

Coworking spaces are shared workspaces where people from different businesses can come together in one place to work. They usually offer desks, chairs, tables, whiteboards, meeting rooms, and other amenities such as coffee machines and printers. This type of workspace is perfect for entrepreneurs who need an office environment without having to commit to a full-time lease. 


The Differences between Virtual Office and Coworking Spaces 

The biggest difference between virtual offices and coworking spaces is that virtual offices do not provide any physical workspace – just the services like mail handling or phone answering – while coworking spaces provide both physical workspace and services like mail handling or phone answering depending on the membership level you choose. Additionally, virtual offices are generally more expensive than coworking spaces since there is no actual space being used; just the services provided by the facility itself. On the other hand, coworking spaces tend to be more affordable because they offer shared resources among members which leads to lower costs per person than if each member were paying for his/her own space in an office building rental agreement.  Finally, coworking spaces often have community events or activities which make them great places for networking with like-minded professionals while virtual offices do not usually offer these types of opportunities.                                                                                      


Ultimately, whether you choose a virtual office or coworking space depends on what kind of environment you prefer working in and what type of amenities you need access to for your business operations. Both options provide similar benefits but cater to different types of entrepreneurs so it’s important that you take into consideration your specific needs before making your decision! Lucky for you, both options are available at 1628! Book a tour to see these options for yourself and figure out the best fit for you. 


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