The Pieces I Am: Artwork from the Sara M. and Michelle Vance Waddell Private Collection

Message from Tamara Schwarting: Despite the number of working female artists, there is still under-representation of female artists in galleries and permanent collections of major art institutions. I am simply thrilled that Sara & Michelle agreed to have a selection of their private art collection exhibited in 1628. The body of work they have collected is both diverse and thought-provoking. More importantly, as collectors who focus on female artists, they are helping to bridge the gender gap that exists in the arts. Now more than ever we need to make sure the voices of women are heard. As a woman business owner, I am committed to not only growing my business but also ensuring that we provide a platform for others to succeed. Being able to showcase the artistic talent of this amazing group of women at 1628 gives me great joy. We hope you enjoy The Pieces I Am experience and are able to find your own moment of inspiration while in 1628.


  1. Licking A Brick by Dana Schutz
  2. Spells & Incantations by Jane Hammond
  3. Ellen by Annie Leibovitz
  4. Mitch by Catherine Opie
  5. 15 Mouths by Lorna Simpson
  6. Survival by Jenny Holzer
  7. Untitled (From Dust Series) by Carolee Schneemann
  8. Shimmering Madness by Sandy Skoglund
  9. Magie Noir by Julia Dault
  10. 2068 Susan’s by Pat Renick
  11. Deb & Patricia, NY NY by Catherine Opie
  12. Giving Comfort & Finding Pain by Carolyn L Mazloomi
  13. Malala by Holly Schapker
  14. Cowboy Killers (Marlboro) by Wendy White
  15. Decision Analysis by Jennifer Dalton
  16. Untitled by Lousie Fishman
  17. Gone – Destination: Columbus, Ohio by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson
  18. Underground RR by Bessie Nickens
  19. The Sure One by Sister Mary Corita Kent
  20. Crochet IV by Louise Bourgeois
  21. Memories of Times That Never Were I by Faiza Butt
  22. Lying Gun/Orange by Laurie Simmons


Other Artwork on Display:

  1. Gentle Guardian by Meredith Spencer Mullins
  2. It Floats by Meredith Spencer Mullins
  3. Wall Mural by Lindsay Nehls
  4. Eater of Playdough by Maggie Russell
  5. Big Mac Bridge by Bob Schwartz
  6. Queen City by Jess Sheldon

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