Rephrase: An Exploration of the World Through the Lens of Pop ArtVirtual Tour

We have now put our Winter 2020 exhibition, Rephrase, online as a virtual tour! Click here to experience the exhibition.

Special Thanks to  Cinci360  for capturing the space and allowing 1628 the opportunity to share this exhibition with those not able to visit in person.

About the exhibition:

The 1628 Ltd. Winter Exhibition, Rephrase: An Exploration of the World Through the Lens of Pop Art, is a collaboration with Visionaries and Voices (V+V). V+V is an inclusive art studio located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is comprised of a community of friends and supporters who provide creative, professional, and educational opportunities to artists with and without disabilities. 

V+V is a very diverse art studio where 130 artists call home, each with very different art practices and desires for producing art.  The approach V+V takes is to support each person individually and support their career and concept of art.  Many common themes appear organically throughout the studios.  

The body of work in Rephrase is centered around one such theme; responding to visual culture and popular culture icons.  Assembling artists around the idea of the word “pop” can be problematic as it can refer to a specific era in art history as well as contemporary and personal issues at play.  This group exhibition references and honors artists who have been deeply affected by something from our visual culture and bring new meaning through “rephrasing” these icons and ideas through their unique perspective and process.

Click here to view the exhibition virtually.

Art on 1st floor:

  1. De Colores by Linda Kunick
  2. Flamingo by Daniel Wescott
  3. Fish by Leah Davis
  4. Fiona by Courttney Cooper
  5. Untitled (Street Lights) 1&2 by Barb Moran
  6. 1992 Called by Remi Mauhet
  7. Oh No, Not Again by Remi Mauhet
  8. Zoo Animals in the Jungle by Tyler Spohn
  9. Bring Back Pound Purries by Marci Rosin
  10. ACLU Needs to be Executed by Marci Rosin
  11. Untitled (Writing Series) by Dale Jackson
  12. The Still Life by Andrew Hostick
  13. The Pest by Andrew Hostick
  14. Egg Series: Jasper T Jowls Egg, Eggdog the Pomeranian, Pasqually P. Pieplate, Mr. Munch Egg, Helen Henny Egg, Chuck E. Cheese Egg by Catherine Whited
  15. Two-Face Larry by Andy Eisenacher 
  16. Scorpion! Deadlier than Ever!! Odalisque (1) by Adam Maloney
  17. Scorpion! Deadlier than Ever!! Odalisque (2) by Adam Maloney

Art on 2nd floor:

  1. Sam by Megan Godsey
  2. Untitled (Secret Police) by Tripp Huggins
  3. Mr.Tuff and Eek the Cat by Ishmael Williams
  4. Euphoric Odalisque by Adam Maloney
  5. Bonanza Series by Amber Ortman
  6. Untitled (Goku/Carl) by Jon Klosterman
  7. Jay-Z by Ebony Malcom

For additional exhibition information or to purchase a work of art, please contact: Missy D’Angelo, 1628 Art Curator at

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