Cocoon: Fibers of Home

We have now put our Spring 2021 exhibition, Cocoon, online as a virtual tour!

Click HERE to experience the exhibition.

About the exhibition:

Artists gain inspiration from many different avenues, one of the most predominant being their surroundings. In a time where most of us are spending more time than ever at home, it is only natural for inspiration to be drawn from the domestic surroundings of our living spaces.

Home is a place of comfort, and it is arguably your most personal space. This show is focused on honoring those personal spaces and showcasing individual vulnerability through fiber art. 

Cocoon: Fibers of Home features twelve regional or national artists; Annabel Biernat, Darden Bradshaw, Denise Burge, Casey Dressell, Katherine Gibson, Heather Jones, Genevieve Lavalle, Maggie Myers, Eden Quispe, Ann Rebele, Kate Spencer, Emily Van Walleghen.

Click HERE to view the exhibition virtually.

Art in the exhibition:

  1. Beach House by Denise Burge
  2. Casta Painting by Eden Quispe
  3. On Change and Permanence by Eden Quispe
  4. Southern Living by Ann Rebele 
  5. Annabelle’s Rose Garden by Ann Rebele
  6. Self Portrait by Annabel Biernat
  7. No Comfort Here by Katherine Gibson and Emily Van Walleghen
  8. Resection by Katherine Gibson 
  9. Quarantine Bloom by Genevieve Lavalle
  10. Unwearable Cloak by Katherine Gibson
  11. soma/excursus by Emily Van Walleghen 
  12. etiquette/subterfuge by Emily Van Walleghen 
  13. All dressed up and nowhere to go: Toilette de Venus by Genevieve Lavalle
  14. Throw Pillow (Sauer House) by Annabel Biernat
  15. Happy Neighborhood by Kate Spencer
  16. Pressed by Denise Burge
  17. Lion’s Paw by Casey Dressell
  18. Aliens and Demons by Eden Quispe
  19. U are destruction by Maggie Myers
  20. Dancing in the Deepest Oceans by Heather Jones
  21. In the Rain We See Their Tears by Heather Jones
  22. That week we all made sourdough by Genevieve Lavalle
  23. Psalm 19: 1-4 by R. Darden Bradshaw
  24. Realize by Maggie Myers
  25. Not My Problem by Katherine Gibson and Emily Van Walleghen
  26. Seed I by Casey Dressell
  27. Seed II by Casey Dressell 

For additional exhibition information or to purchase a work of art, please contact: Kacie Finnegan, 1628 Art Curator at

Special Thanks to  Cinci360  for capturing the space and allowing 1628 the opportunity to share this exhibition with those not able to visit in person.

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