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We are pleased to invite you to join 1628 Ltd. to view our newest exhibition, Upon Further Reflection: A Celebration of Women Artists and Introspection 

Free Public Opening Event on 

Sunday, March 6th

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, Link to event Tickets HERE

1628 Ltd., 11 Garfield Place, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Upon Further Reflection features 20 local and regional artists, Zuri Ali, Sabrina Argotte, Amanda Bollman, Katherine Brenner, Teresa Burkey, Amy Campbell Bogard, Mary Anne Donovan, Marlee Felix, Katherine Gibson, Kaitlyn Handel, Bailey Hess, Cynthia Kukla, Abby Peitsmeyer, Anissa Pulcheon, Kat Rakel-Ferguson, Jazmina Robinhawk, Jamie Schorsch, Skyler Smith, Jan R. Wiesner, and Emily Willing.

There is merit to the exploration of an artist depicting themselves in their own work. The art becomes a sort of snapshot, a small glimpse into how the artist views themselves at a given point in their life. Historically, portraiture is teemed with hidden meanings through objects, making the viewer aware of the artist’s vision of themselves. In the contemporary, this symbolism transforms through an intersectional lens, as artists become able to explore their own identities through their work in abstract ways.

Upon Further Reflection is an exhibition that shows how contemporary women are choosing to depict themselves and other women to their viewing audience. They are reclaiming their autonomy and ensuring their work depicts them in a way that explores not only their own view of themselves but delves into identity and culture. Upon Further Reflection opens a dialogue between the artists and viewers, calling for a dive into how women are presenting themselves in art. 

Link to Event Tickets HERE

Multiple artworks in this show are for sale. If you would like to purchase artwork during or after the opening event, please contact: Katherine Donaghy, 1628 Ltd. Art Curator at

The Spring 2022 exhibition will be on view from February 28th – May 20th, 2022. 



Opening Guidelines:

The official opening date for the exhibition will be Sunday, March 4th from 1 PM – 4 PM. Our opening event will be broken up into three time slots (1 PM, 2 PM, & 3 PM). This is a free ticketed event. Tickets are required to attend the exhibition to manage the number of guests in the facility at a time. 

Each session will last 45 minutes and will have a maximum of 40 entrants per session with ample space to social distance. After each session, the facility will be sanitized. 1628 is committed to making our gallery a place where visitors can come and feel safe, comfortable, and healthy. 

Social distancing guidelines to prioritize the safety of our guests are as follows:

  • We will be limiting the number of guests allowed into the gallery to 40 at one time to allow for proper distancing.
  • All patrons should maintain a six-foot distance from those not in your party.
  • All non-vaccinated patrons will be required to wear masks when inside the facility, and we request that vaccinated patrons also wear a mask; though this is optional.
  • Sanitation stations will be provided for guests to sanitize their hands if they choose. 
  • Anyone feeling unwell should postpone their visit for another time.
  • We will not be hosting a food and beverage service. 
  • The pieces in the exhibition will be numbered to promote a steady flow of guests throughout the facility. 
  • The exhibition opening will occur on Sunday, March 6th from 1 PM-4 PM, but the exhibition will remain up until the end of May in order to encourage guests to come after opening day. 
  • The exhibition will be digitally scanned so that viewers may also enjoy the exhibition virtually.

Link to Event Tickets HERE

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