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Towne Properties Partners With 1628 Ltd. to Offer Coworking as a Residential Amenity

Cincinnati, OH –  November 19, 2019 – Property developer and manager Towne Properties will partner with workspace provider 1628 Ltd. to offer the flexibility benefit of coworking to its downtown Cincinnati residential residents.

Beginning this fall, residents of Towne Properties apartments located in the Central Business District will have access to 1628 Ltd. and its coworking facility when they want or need to work away from their corporate offices.

“Our properties and amenities are always evolving to meet the needs of residents.  We take pride in our promise of creating ‘Great Places to Live by Towne Properties®’” says Brad Slomsky, Towne Properties Area Manager. “We currently see an increase in requests from residents looking for solutions to create work-life balance.  Our partnership with 1628 will provide a fantastic, unique benefit for DownTowne Living residents who want the flexibility of working in an alternate location from their  company office.”

The modern workforce is changing where it works.  In Gallup’s “State of the American Workplace,” the polling agency found that 43% of workers spent at least some time working remotely.  And, residents who live in urban and walkable neighborhoods – like the Central Business District, where 1628 Ltd. is located – expect the places they visit for work and play to be within walking distance.

“When I started 1628, I was immediately drawn to the Central Business District,” says Tamara Schwarting, founder of 1628 Ltd.  “Like many DownTowne Living residents, I’m a strong supporter of urban living.  As a long-time resident of OTR, I wanted to have the ability to walk to my workplace every day.  With our partnership, residents who live in Towne Properties will have that same option, even if their corporate workplace is outside of the basin.”

Many people think of coworking as an option for freelancers or people who don’t report to a traditional office, yet the spaces at 1628 Ltd. are utilized by a variety of professionals, including those with a traditional office.   Residents of Towne Properties can use the space for general telecommuting, holding meetings, or hosting special events.

“Creating partnerships with other local companies that share our values and commitment to quality is key, especially when those partners can assist our residents,” says Arielle Curry, Community Manager for DownTowne Living.  “We think this partnership will bring great value to our residents and are excited to be the first in the region to offer this benefit.”

About Towne Properties

Towne Properties, founded in 1961 and based in Cincinnati, manages and/or owns more than 15,000 apartments, 116,500 condominium and homeowner’s association units, and 815,000 square feet of retail space, along with a tennis club and marina.  Towne continues to look to the future and will continue to create communities that are “Great Places to Live, Work, Shop and Play.®”  Visit to learn more.

About 1628 Ltd.

1628 Ltd., a coworking space located in downtown Cincinnati’s Central Business District, offers communal coworking, office leases, and private event and meeting spaces for the modern professional.  The refined workspace environment combines the thoughtfully designed setting of a boutique hotel with a highly effective office. 1628 Ltd. members have access to concierge services, professional networks, group health care, and a number of other amenities that enable productivity. We believe where you work should work for you.  1628 Ltd. is a women-owned business.   Visit to learn more.


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