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The Top Restaurants for Business Dinners in Cincinnati

In a city like Cincinnati, closed deals and business partnerships are not only sealed within the confines of the boardroom but also over a great meal. Whether you’re trying to impress a client or showing appreciation to colleagues, choosing the right restaurant can make all the difference. That is why we have rounded up six of the top restaurants in Cincinnati that make for a perfect business dinner. The following restaurants are just a short distance from 1628’s location in Downtown Cincinnati, making them great choices to go to after a meeting or event. But be sure to plan ahead, as these restaurants are so popular, they book up quickly.

  1. Mitas

Located inside the historic Mutual Building in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Mitas has been offering top-notch meals and ambiance to business diners for over ten years. Their European-inspired menu includes fresh seafood, an assortment of tapas including cheeses, salt-cured meats, and vegetables, and hearty meat dishes fitting for any business occasion. If this seems like a good fit for your palette check out their menu here.

  1. Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

With multiple locations throughout the city, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is the go-to place for business dinners for many local companies. Their upscale atmosphere, top-quality steaks, and attentive service are unmatched in Cincinnati. When you want exceptional service and ingredients, check out their extensive menus here.

  1. Prime Cincinnati

As the name suggests, Prime Cincinnati specializes in prime beef steaks, chops, and seafood. Located in the restored historic Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood, Prime Cincinnati has a classic steakhouse feel combined with a modern flair that will impress any client. For more information including private dining, happy hour menu, and more, click here.

  1. Losanti

For a more intimate setting, Losanti is the perfect place. Located in the heart of Over-The-Rhine, this 14-seat restaurant offers world-class tasting menus that feature complex, seasonal flavors of the highest quality. Ideal for a group of executives or one-on-one meetings. Check out their website for an in-depth dive into their menu and the drinks offered. 

  1. Nicola’s or Via Vite

These sister restaurants both offer excellent Italian cuisine made from high-quality ingredients. While both restaurants have their own personalities, they both have a chic, upscale feel, and they are perfect for a more laid-back business dinner. To see if either of these is a good fit, explore Nicola’s website and Via Vite’s website.

  1. Sotto

If you plan ahead, Sotto is the place to go. Although virtually impossible to get into unless you reserve 60 days out, Sotto’s award-winning Italian cuisine and their underground, speakeasy atmosphere are well worth the wait. Widely regarded as the best Italian restaurant in Cincinnati, Sotto is perfect for a big night out with important clients. For more information on their menu including dessert, wine, and cocktails click here

In the end, choosing the right restaurant for a business dinner is crucial. It must have the right atmosphere, excellent service, and most of all, delicious food. These six restaurants are at the top of their game in Cincinnati and have a proven track record of impressing their customers. So next time you have an important business dinner planned, be it a new client, a promotion, or to build stronger relationships, consider one of these highly recommended places for an unforgettable dining experience. Even better, they are just a short walk or drive away from 1628’s home in Downtown Cincinnati!

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