1628 is a woman-owned company that supports other women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Joining the 1628 community will give you networking opportunities with these experienced business owners. In 2020, 1628 launched Women Empowered, a Program geared towards women in business. WE offers programming programming and networking opportunities to help businesses.  As we kick off Women’s History month, we wanted to highlight the importance of Mentorship.  Continue reading to learn how you can benefit from these mentorship opportunities:

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the world of business. However, one great way to increase female representation is by fostering mentorship relationships between experienced businesswomen and those just getting started. Mentorship provides a strong foundation for women entrepreneurs, allowing them to grow their businesses, gain confidence in their skills, and develop a network of contacts.

The Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring is an effective way for women business owners to share their knowledge and experience with other aspiring entrepreneurs. By doing so, they can help provide much-needed support during the early stages of starting a business. Through mentorship, women can offer advice on things like financial management, marketing strategies, networking tips, and much more. By having access to this kind of guidance from someone who has been through it before, new business owners can avoid some common pitfalls and set themselves up for success.

Mentorship also provides a great opportunity for experienced businesswomen to give back to their community by helping others reach their goals. This type of relationship creates an invaluable bond between mentor and mentee that often leads to lasting friendships and professional partnerships. Plus, the more successful businesses that are owned by women, the more normal it becomes—and the easier it will be for other aspiring female entrepreneurs to break into their own fields.

Finally, mentoring gives experienced business owners a chance to stay connected with industry trends and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their field. By staying engaged with new entrepreneurs in this way, established business owners can continue growing and learning throughout their careers. They also gain valuable insights from listening to younger generations’ perspectives which often bring fresh ideas that could benefit both parties involved in the relationship as well as the industry overall.

In conclusion, there are many advantages for both mentors and mentees when it comes to fostering relationships between experienced women business owners and those just breaking into entrepreneurship. Not only does it help provide support during the early stages of launching a venture but it also helps create lasting connections within an industry—which is especially important when female representation remains low across many industries today. As such, we encourage all women who are looking to build meaningful connections within their field or who are looking for support while building their businesses to seek out mentorships whenever possible!  By doing so they will not only be able to learn from one another but also help create more opportunities for future generations of female entrepreneurs everywhere!

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