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Team Building in Cincinnati: Fun Options to Wrap Up Your Business Meeting

When business meetings tend to revolve around crunching numbers and discussing strategies, it’s always good to give your team a chance to unwind and have some fun. Fortunately, Cincinnati has a lot of exciting activities to offer for team-building purposes. At 1628, we understand the importance of balancing work and play, so here are some of the best team-building options we recommend to our clients to ensure a successful and productive experience.

  1. Cincinnati Food Tour

Cincinnati is famous for its exceptional cuisine, so what better way to bond with your team than through Cincinnati’s culinary delights? Cincinnati Food Tours are an excellent way to introduce newcomers to the wonders of Cincinnati’s unique dishes. From chili to goetta and everything in between, these tours will take you on an epicurean adventure across the city. Plus, they promote team building as you bond over new flavors and share your thoughts on what you tasted. If this sounds like a fun activity for your team to learn more about the different foods Cincinnati offers, explore their website

  1. Mural Tour offered by ArtWorks

It’s amazing what murals bring to a city’s personality; Cincinnati is no exception. The mural tour offered by ArtWorks is an excellent way to experience Cincinnati’s murals for the first time or appreciate them again. Your company can bond over engaging questions such as what is the meaning behind each installation, who created them and what was their inspiration? These murals celebrate many cultures and lead to thoughtful conversations which reflect positively on the team’s communication skills. Artworks offer three options for mural tours in Downtown Cincinnati, Over-the-Rhine, and Pendleton. This ensures there will be options depending on what location you are looking for. To find out more about what these tours entail, click here

  1. Cooking Class at Tablespoon Cooking

Cooking can be incredibly therapeutic, not to mention, tasty. A cooking class at Tablespoon Cooking is a perfect way to work on team-building skills while exploring a new hobby. Plan your lesson around the type of cooking you want to learn, from French cuisine to pizza. Your team can work together, trade tips, and create tasty dishes to share at the end of the day. Tablespoon Cooking also has the option to book a private event with different skills, themes, and flavors to choose from. To learn more about this option, check out the private events section on their website.

  1. Afternoon of Fowling in Norwood

There are several games out there that anyone can play, but Fowling is a special game that anyone can master too. Fowling is a fascinating and fun mix of football and bowling, and you’ve never played anything like it before. It is a perfect team-building event that fosters competitiveness and communication as the teams battle each other. Fowling Warehouse is a great place to host corporate events, small groups, or larger groups for a fun and friendly way to bond with team members. Check out their website for more information. 

  1. Escape Room at the Banks

Escape rooms have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, becoming increasingly interesting and more innovative. A team-building event at the Escape Room at the Banks is terrific for collaboration and communication, as team members have an hour to work together to escape a themed room by solving puzzles, discovering clues, and unlocking hidden surprises. This game helps to bond teams together as they work towards a common goal. This fun experience is just a 10-minute walk from 1628; perfect for a break from a long day of meetings or work. They offer multiple choices of themed escape rooms such as Prison Break, The Heist, and Gold Rush. To find out more about The Escape Game at the Banks, click here

It’s important to wrap up your business meeting with a bang, and team-building activities provide the perfect way to do so. Fortunately, Cincinnati has a lot of options to offer, and no matter what activity you select, it is sure to bring your team together, forget their business worries and have an enjoyable time. Remember that team-building activities reap many benefits for your team and 1628 recommends each of them to our clients.

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