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Winter Exhibition Artist Spotlights: Healim Hwoang, Aleni Antalis, and Alex Albrecht

Healim Hwoang, Aleni Antalis, and Alex Albrecht

Cincinnati is living proof that you don’t have to be in Chicago or New York to find a thriving artistic community. In fact, many of the most talented and exciting artists in the contemporary scene are living, learning, and creating in smaller – but just as passionate – cities all over the country. We are lucky to find ourselves here, in an area with not just one, but many different prestigious universities with art programs. These institutions are shaping the current generation of artists, providing them the guidance to discover their creative voice, and the community to help hone and nurture that newfound self-understanding. 

Campus Creatives highlights the work being made by emerging artists from four local institutions: Mount St. Joseph University, University of Cincinnati, Miami University, and Xavier University. With this latest generation comes a shift in our local artistic community, which can only be understood by exploring the work of those whose voices are quickly moving towards the forefront. Featured in this show are artists Healim Hwoang, Aleni Antalis, and Alex Albrecht.

Healim Hwoang is a multicultural artist who was born in Korea and raised in Japan. She now lives in the United States and is pursuing a Fine Arts degree at the University of Cincinnati. Healim has had her work exhibited both online and in person including at the New Tides-MWSPE student exhibition and the Arc Gallery & Studios. Her practice primarily uses photography to explore the concepts of intimate relationships, cultural identity, and vulnerability which are inspired by her personal experiences.

“My work is influenced by my intimate relationship with my partner. I have been in a long-distance relationship for five years with my partner who lives in Japan. This series is about the connection between us, feelings of longing, and vulnerability in a long-distance relationship. This body of work is a place for me to process the emotions and connection between us. I show how much I care about our relationship by expressing it in art form.”


Aleni Antalis is a graphic designer, 3D modeler, and photographer from Pittsburgh, PA. She is a junior BFA major at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. Aleni has exhibited two pieces in the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center and has an upcoming show in the Cohen Gallery at Xavier University. Much of her work utilizes pop art to comment on current political and environmental issues.

“My work is a direct reflection of my beliefs and experience. I often use my art as a satire to comment on personal and nationwide issues. With current influences from my time abroad in Rome, these pieces tell the common tale of stepping out of your comfort zone and breaking free of the bubble that holds you. After studying abroad, the desire to learn from others and share ideas grows every day. There are so many wonderful people, places, and opportunities to experience, and all it takes is one leap of faith.”


Alex Albrecht is a nonbinary photographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are currently pursuing a fine arts degree at Mount St. Joseph University. Much of their work is based on the intersection of gender and ADHD in modern life. Alex has had their work displayed in three Fotofocus exhibitions, at the San Giuseppe art gallery, and they were one of the winners of the Montgomery photo competition in 2019. They are also a darkroom moderator at the Manifest Drawing Center. Alex makes images as a form of journaling. There are abstracted pieces of themself and their experiences in all their images.

“I use black and white photography to communicate my thoughts on how humans have unnaturally separated themselves from nature and the sole purpose of being alive. Many of us don’t realize how we are negatively affected mentally and physically by modern human society. This body of work is a personal reaction to existing in the modern human world with ADHD and consequently the awkward, intermittently uncomfortable coexistence with my brain.”



Multiple pieces in this exhibition are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any artwork from the show, please contact us at


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