We are pleased to invite you to join 1628 Ltd. to view the opening of our two newest exhibitions for our Spring season, Real People by Nicole Trimble and Love You More by Emily Wiethorn.

Free Public Opening Event on

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Link to event Tickets HERE

1628 Ltd., 11 Garfield Place, Cincinnati, OH 45202

The Real People (Trimble) and Love You More (Wiethorn) solo exhibitions feature two art educators. Nicole Trimble is the Assistant Professor of Media Communications & Technology at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College. Emily Wiethorn is the Assistant Professor of Photography at Mount St. Joseph’s University. Art educators are at the forefront of the future generation of artists and choose to inspire their students every day. As a woman-owned business, 1628 understands the importance of giving the spotlight to those who have been left out of gallery spaces in the past. We are pleased to present these two artists with the opportunity to share their work with new audiences, as well as to show what it means to be woman/queer artists in art education.

“The relationship between a mother and a daughter is complicated. As an adult, I am relearning who my mother is, not as my mother, but as her own person filled with hopes, dreams, and worries. As children, our parents are timeless, a constant in our lives if we are lucky. Seeing my mother age is a beautiful and terrifying experience. Coming to terms with my mother’s mortality has led me to reconsider our relationship. In this series, I am finding what’s changed between both of us; rediscovering the complicated history we share both as mother and daughter, and the secrets that are just ours. What used to be strained, silent, and untrusting has changed into acceptance, vulnerability, and growth. Love you More, is an ongoing exploration of the openness and intimacy of our relationship as two adult women, mother and daughter, and photographer and subject.

-Emily Wiethorn (they/them), Photographer, Assistant Professor of Photography at Mount St. Joseph’s University

Link to event Tickets HERE

“Working primarily as a painter, I’m interested in both the history of the medium and how it can be translated to a contemporary context, seeking to create a dialogue between traditional media and our current digital culture. My work is inspired by historical images and compositional devices, the language of portraiture and figuration, and explores art tropes, archetypes and absurdism. I’m also keenly interested in the role memory plays in our understanding of an event or subject, and in turn, our comprehension of what is real or imagined, misremembered or fictionalized. How do we make a distinction between a “real person” and a fictional character in a world of social media influencers, reality television, and binge-watch culture?”

-Nicole Trimble (she/her), Painter, Assistant Professor of Media Communications & Technology at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College

The Spring 2023 exhibition will be on view from February 27th – May 19th, 2023. 

The Opening Reception will occur March 2nd, 2023 6-8pm.

Link to event Tickets HERE

For inquiries about purchasing artwork, please contact: Julia Rosado, 1628 Ltd. Art Curator at art@tamaras.wpenginepowered.com


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