We have now put our Winter 2021 exhibition, Queen City Visual Narrative, online as a virtual tour!

Click HERE to experience the exhibition.

About the exhibition:

Queen City Visual Narrative features 18 local and regional artists, Maria Beltsos, Annabel Biernat, James Billiter, Denise Burge, Evan Carroll, Katlin Combs, Brad Davis, Faith Denny, Jim Effler, Asa Featherstone IV, Katherine Gibson, C. Matthew Hamby, Rob Jefferson, Lily Kroencke, Richard Luschek II, Michael Roller, Krista Sheneman, and Brett M. Sutton.

For over 200 years Cincinnati has maintained its reputation for being known as a midwestern hub for arts, culture, food, sports, and history. Although Cincinnati started from humble beginnings, it soon became an epicenter for trade, coining the nicknames “Porkopolis” and “Queen City.” To this day Cincinnati is one of the fastest-growing midwest cities. 

Cincinnati’s day-to-day citizens would tell you that the Queen City is much more than sports and chili. Cincinnati’s spirit lies within its people, within the hidden gems scattered about the city, and within its rich history.  Queen City Visual Narrative: An Exploration of Cincinnati’s Iconography shines a light on both highly recognizable landmarks to lesser-known iconography throughout the city: both being pivotal in painting the picture of what makes Cincinnati the “Queen City.”

Click HERE to view the exhibition virtually.

For additional exhibition information or to purchase a work of art, please contact: Katherine Donaghy, 1628 Art Curator at art@1628ltd.com

Special Thanks to  Cinci360  for capturing the space and allowing 1628 the opportunity to share this exhibition with those not able to visit in person.

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