So, what do four seemingly random numbers have to do with a coworking space?  The year, 1628 marks the moment in history when the word, ‘coworking’ is first published in a book by John Jackson titled “The Worthy Church-Man.” The events of the historical novel “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas takes place in this year and include fictionalized versions of the Siege of La Rochelle and the assassination of the Duke of Buckingham. In 1628, The Collegiate School, what is today the oldest educational institution in North America, is established. The addition of all four digits equals seventeen, a prime number, an indivisible outlier. 1628 Coworking is meant to evoke a sense of history and place, but more than that, it invites our members to question complacency and satisfaction, to instead push towards excellence and creativity in everything they do.

1628 Coworking office is located in the heart of Cincinnati’s business district in the historic Doctor’s Building.  1628 founder and CEO, Tamara Schwarting, launched  the business in 2016 with 6000 square feet of shared office space.  In Fall of 2018, 1628 expanded  to include  an additional 5,000 sqf of private offices.  1628 is currently undergoing their second downtown expansion.  They announced in March 2019 that they are adding another 13,000 sqf of private offices.

In addition to being recognized for its visual appeal and hospitality, 1628 curates art from the Cincinnati community on a quarterly basis.

Past and Current Exhibitions:

Spring 2017 – Elevate: Celebrating Inspiring Art In partnership with Wave Pool

Summer 2017 – Natural Order: An exhibition of works from the Art Academy of Cincinnati

Fall 2017 – Urban Tapestry: Photography exhibition featuring work from local photographers

Winter 2017 – Treasures in Black & White: Photography exhibition in partnership with the Cincinnati Museum Center

Spring 2018 – The Pieces I AmArtwork from the Sara M. & Michelle Vance Waddell Private Collection

Summer 2018 – Chro•Ma: Featuring artwork by Michael Coppage, Aaron Delamatre, Michael Stillion, and Kim Rae Taylor

Fall 2018 – Behind the Mask: Photography exhibition from the Collection of Linda & George Kurz

Winter 2018 – Before | Now  :150 Years of Art Academy

Spring 2019 – /just to be alive/

Summer 2019 – No Vacancy exploration of surface, texture and medium Featuring