Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert

  Two Thirds Cake        Tofu Food

(Photography courtesy of Grand Rapids Product Photography & Kevin Huver Photography)

The foundation of 1628’s dedication to our members is the core belief that the support we provide allows you to focus on your core business so you can be more productive.  Put simply, we remove the chaos and interruptions from the day by offering comprehensive lunch service.

Our daily lunch service is a great example of this support.  Through our partnerships with local restaurants, we’re able to provide members with tasty and fresh options through an easy ordering process with lunch delivered right to your desk.  Ordering is simple and there’s minimal interruption to your workflow.

Our lunch service can also be extended to members’ guests and when hosting breakfast or lunch meetings in our facility.  No more wondering about where to order, when lunch will arrive, or how to accommodate the food preferences or allergies of meeting attendees.  Ordering through our daily lunch program, for one or many, makes lunch a seamless part of a busy the day.

The ease of ordering through the daily lunch program is efficient, and that helps you be more productive.  But how about what you order?

Learn more about the science behind what you eat and how it affects your productivity in this HBR article.  Then, check out our daily lunch program and select a fresh, healthy meal and we’ll deliver it right to your desk, so you can enjoy a productive afternoon.  Learn more about our other great member benefits such as Healthcare discounts through TriHealth and additional 3rd-floor private offices.