1628 Ltd. Curated Coworking Art Exhibition: /just to be alive/ An Exhibition of the Contemporary Female Artist

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are pleased to invite you to join 1628 Ltd. to view our newest exhibition honoring the women artists of Cincinnati, /just to be alive/ An Exhibition of the Contemporary Female Artist.
/just to be alive/ features works by twenty female-identifying artists.

This exhibition includes works in oil, charcoal, collage, fabric, projection, and photography among other mediums. Each artwork speaks individually, forming a collective narrative celebration of the resilience of the female spirit.

This exhibition marks the second year in the 1628 tradition of devoting our spring exhibition to female artists. In order to give back to women in our community, 10% of all proceeds from this exhibition will benefit Women Helping Women.

“As female artists are still critically under-represented in today’s galleries, collections, and arts institutions, each spring we dedicate our space to celebrating women artists. We are honored for the gift of local talent and the opportunity to share this work with Cincinnati.”  -Tamara Schwarting, CEO and Founder, 1628 Ltd.

Exhibition Duration:  March  4 – May 31, 2019

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