As we have gone through the pandemic, many companies have turned to remote work environments. The “Hybrid Working” phrase has been brought to the attention of many of those in the workforce as they now have to mix working from home and in-office working. What exactly does this mean? Many employees now have the chance to decide where and when they want to work. For 1628 Ltd., we have many members who make use of our private offices, coworking gallery, and conference rooms to accommodate their hybrid work schedule. Interested in hybrid working at 1628 Ltd? Check out 1628 options here. Please browse through the articles below to learn more about how hybrid coworking is the future and why more employees are requesting it. 
      1. HybridWorks
      2. Why the Future of Work Might be Hybrid- BBC
      3. It’s Time for Leaders to Get Real About Hybrid- McKinsey
      4. What is a Hybrid Work Model

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