Did you know that 1628 is a women-owned company? By joining the 1628 community, you will become a member of a mastermind group of women business owners. Find out how being a part of this group can benefit you by reading the blog below. 


Are you a woman business owner looking to take your business to the next level? If so, then leveraging a mastermind group may be just what you need. A mastermind group is essentially a collection of like-minded individuals who come together to support and challenge each other in order to help each other achieve success. Let’s explore some of the benefits that a mastermind group can provide for women business owners. 


Accountability & Support 

One of the biggest benefits of joining a mastermind group is the accountability and support it provides. Having a dedicated group of people who are motivated to help you succeed can be immensely beneficial for any woman business owner. A good mastermind group will also provide peer-to-peer support and advice when needed, which can be invaluable when it comes to making important decisions or working through difficult problems. The members of such groups often become close friends, forming an invaluable network that can help each other in their journey toward success. 

Check out this article for more information about mastermind groups (Forbes, 2018).


Idea Generation & Brainstorming 

Another major benefit of being part of a mastermind group is idea generation and brainstorming. When several minds come together to discuss ideas, incredible things can happen. Not only do you get access to unique perspectives and insights from different people, but you also get access to resources that you may not have been aware of before joining the group. Ideas are exchanged freely within these groups and everyone is encouraged to contribute their own thoughts, leading to some truly innovative solutions that could make all the difference in taking your business forward. 


Access To Expertise & Resources 

Finally, having access to experts in various fields can be extremely beneficial for any woman business owner. Many times these experts offer their advice free or at reduced prices as part of the collaboration within the mastermind group. Moreover, some members may even have access to exclusive resources that can give your business an edge over its competitors. Being part of such a group allows you to learn from experienced professionals who have already navigated similar challenges in their own businesses, providing valuable insight into how best tackle similar issues yourself. 


In summary, there are many advantages for women business owners when they join a mastermind group – accountability & support; idea generation & brainstorming; and access to expertise & resources – all helping them reach new heights with their businesses! So if you’re looking for ways to take your business up a notch then consider joining or setting up one today! This will give you more confidence in yourself as well as allow others to help guide you on your path toward success!


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