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How Coworking Spaces Make Interviewing Candidates from Other Cities a Breeze

As companies continue to expand and recruit talent from all over the world, it is common to find yourself having to interview candidates who are not located in your home city. These types of interviews can be challenging, especially when coordinating schedules, travel, and expenses. However, with the rise of shared workspaces, it is now easier than ever to establish a professional environment and provide an immersive experience to prospective candidates. At 1628, we offer multiple locations to hold interviews, such as a private office, conference rooms, or coworking space. In this blog, we explore how coworking spaces, such as 1628, can help set the tone for your company and make interviewing out-of-town candidates a breeze.


Renting out a coworking space that is equipped with all the necessary amenities can make scheduling interviews a breeze. You can easily book a conference room by contacting us here, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to conduct a seamless and productive interview. Scheduling interviews with a coworking space provider saves you time and money, as you won’t have to worry about paying for a hotel room, rental car, or space rental. 

Professional Environment

With coworking spaces, you and your team can showcase your company’s professional image by having access to a high-quality workspace that reflects your values. A professional environment sets the tone for the interviewee, demonstrating your investment in their candidacy, which can help keep them engaged and interested in the opportunity. Providing a professional environment can also help candidates see what it is like to be a part of your team and the type of professional environment they will be joining, which can further cement their interest in the role. The atmosphere at 1628 is professional, as well as the decor and look of the spaces. We ensure all areas are magazine ready at all times, making 1628 the perfect environment to conduct interviews. 


If you prefer to speak with prospective candidates through a video or phone interview, many coworking spaces offer private rooms or phone booths where you can conduct your interviews. At 1628, our conference rooms are equipped with video conferencing abilities, as well as HDMI cords to make the process of setting up seamless. These options give you and the candidate more flexibility to navigate the interviewing process in a way that is convenient for both parties, while still providing a professional atmosphere that is consistent with 1628’s brand.

Networking Opportunities

If you are renting out a coworking space, you may have the opportunity to network with other professionals who share the same workspace. This can lead to opportunities to build relationships with professionals in different industries or to establish partnerships, which could be invaluable in the long run. It may also help to showcase your company further by having others see how you conduct an interview in a professional environment and how invested you are in finding the best talent.


Renting a coworking space has many cost-effective benefits, including lower overhead costs, flexible pricing plans, and the elimination of the need for long-term leases. Instead, you can simply rent a rental space, giving you a highly-equipped environment without the need to spend too much money. In addition, it’s a single expense that covers both the workspace rental and the interview process, so it saves your company from the hassle of managing various expenses associated with traditional interviews. To learn more about 1628’s prices, contact us here

Coworking spaces offer a great solution for companies who want to make a lasting impression on prospective candidates who are not located in their home city. These spaces provide a convenient, professional, and cost-effective environment that can help set the tone for positive and successful interviews. Not only that, but coworking spaces allow companies to build relationships with other professionals and create more possibilities for their business. So, if you are looking for a way to streamline your interview process and make your company more appealing to prospects, consider renting out a space at 1628 today.

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