1628 is the perfect place for everyone.  Whether you are in the beginning stages of starting a new business or simply just looking for somewhere to get your work done, 1628 has everything you need including conference rooms, private offices, coworking space, and a supportive community. 


Coworking spaces are often associated with tech startups, but they offer much more than just a place for entrepreneurs to work on their projects. Coworking spaces can benefit anyone looking for a productive and inspiring workspace. Here’s why:


Networking Opportunities – Working in a coworking space offers the chance to connect with other professionals from different industries and backgrounds. Through interaction with colleagues, you can find potential partners, mentors, and even job opportunities.


Cost Savings – Coworking spaces offer more affordable workspace options than renting an office or renting a desk in a traditional office setting. For freelancers or entrepreneurs who don’t require their own private office, coworking spaces are an ideal solution as they offer all of the same amenities without the hefty price tag.


Flexibility – With flexible pricing plans and amenities like meeting rooms and event space available, coworking spaces provide the perfect balance between structure and flexibility that makes them ideal for remote workers looking for somewhere to get things done without feeling isolated or stuck in one spot all day long.


Community Environment – Coworking spaces provide an atmosphere of camaraderie where everyone is working towards similar goals of personal growth and professional development; creating an environment where ideas come alive and collaborations form naturally.


Ultimately, there is something for everyone when it comes to coworking spaces; whether you’re a freelancer, remote worker or entrepreneur searching for an inspiring workspace – there’s something out there that meets your needs.