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How Art Can Enhance Your Office Space

At 1628, we recognize and value the benefits of art in the work environment. In our facility, you will find plenty of inspiring pieces from local artists. Schedule a tour to check out our space and see our current art exhibit!


Art in the workplace is more than just putting pretty pictures on the walls. Art can create an inviting, creative and productive environment for everyone in the office. Studies show that art can have a positive effect on morale, creativity, and productivity – all of which are essential components of a successful business. Let’s take a look at how art can be used to enhance your office space.


The Power of Color

Color has the power to affect our psychological states, moods, and emotions. Colors have been linked to physical reactions such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, so it’s important to choose colors wisely when decorating your office space. Certain colors can promote feelings of energy, while others may encourage relaxation or focus. For example, brighter colors tend to evoke excitement and energy, while muted tones help foster creativity and concentration. Another great way to utilize color is through accent pieces like artwork and furniture that will draw attention without distracting from important tasks at hand.

Want to learn more about the effects of color in the office? Click here (LinkedIn, 2018).


Create an Inviting Atmosphere

In any office environment, it’s important to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages collaboration between coworkers but also allows for individual focus and productivity. Artwork can be used to promote a sense of unity within a team while also allowing members to express their own individual style through pieces they personally connect with. Adding artwork with motivating messages or images can also inspire employees to work harder towards achieving their goals as individuals or as part of a team.


A Stimulating Environment

Artwork should also be used strategically to stimulate conversation between co-workers or clients in order for them to feel comfortable discussing ideas during meetings or brainstorming sessions. By carefully selecting pieces that reflect different perspectives or topics related to your industry, you will create an engaging environment where people feel free to share their thoughts openly without fear of judgment or criticism. Additionally, artwork is also a great way for companies or organizations to represent themselves visually by displaying pieces that reflect their values and mission statement through meaningful imagery or messages.


Art has the power to make any office space inviting yet stimulating at the same time – both qualities that are essential for fostering creativity and productivity among employees in any workplace setting. It’s important not only when selecting artwork but also when considering how color affects our emotions in order for us to achieve an optimal balance between comfortability and motivation in our workspace environments. Whether you’re looking for artwork that reflects your company values or simply something colorful enough to brighten up the walls, consider art as a powerful tool for enhancing your office space today!


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