We’ve all been there. That moment when you look at the clock and realize that the 5-page paper you’re supposed to have finished by tomorrow morning is still only half done. Or when you haven’t even started that project that was due last week, or the one due next month… Procrastination can be debilitating, both mentally and physically. But don’t worry! There are a few simple techniques you can use to get back on track in no time. Read on for five unique and effective ways to overcome procrastination. 

  1. Pick the Optimal Location: 

Our environment has a lot more impact on our productivity than we may think. When you need to focus, make sure your surroundings align with your goals. Choose a spot where there are few distractions, like phones and TVs, so that your focus isn’t split between tasks. Getting rid of any other potential procrastination triggers—like snacks in easy reach—can also help keep you motivated and productive during work hours. 

  1. Utilize Art:

Art can be incredibly therapeutic and calming, which is why it can be an effective tool for overcoming procrastination. Drawing, painting, or sculpting provides a creative outlet that gives us something else to focus on besides our pending tasks so that we can clear our minds of stress or anxiety related to our workloads. It helps us become more in tune with ourselves while allowing us to stay productive without feeling overwhelmed by deadlines or projects.  Even just surrounding yourself with art work helps boost productivity. At 1628, we emphasize the importance of art in the workplace by holding a new art exhibit each quarter. To learn more about the art work at 1628 click here. Also, check out our blog about the benefits of art in the workplace. 

  1. Bring in Nature: 

Being surrounded by plants has been proven to decrease stress levels while increasing productivity levels. Not only do plants look great aesthetically but they also help purify the air we breathe in which increases oxygen levels in turn increasing mental alertness and motivation all around! Plus, caring for plants gives us something tangible and rewarding outside of our professional lives which can provide motivation when it comes time to tackle those daunting tasks again later on down the line!  

  1. Use Timers: 

Setting timers is a great way to stay focused because it helps hold us accountable for getting things done within specific amounts of time. Utilizing timers breaks up large assignments into smaller chunks of time so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming or intimidating when looking at long lists of items needing completion right away! This type of technique will help keep us motivated as well as set realistic expectations for how much work needs accomplished during certain periods throughout the day! 

  1. Take Breaks: 

Taking regular breaks throughout our workday helps restore energy levels while giving us an opportunity to recenter ourselves before continuing on with whatever task is next at hand! Breaks give us chances to stand up from behind desks, stretch out any physical tension knots, and take walks outside if possible. All of these activities increase concentration power upon returning back to important projects!

While procrastination is unfortunately a common problem amongst many individuals, these five unique tips will help anyone struggling with lazy tendencies! Making sure environments are optimized for productivity along with utilizing art & nature elements, having timers present, and taking regular breaks from intensive work sessions should bring success quickly. Good luck!

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