Emmett Ridge Farms was founded by Jeremy and Lauren Boswell on the former site of Lindale Golf Course in November 2018.  Emmett Ridge Farm was established to demonstrate improved grazing techniques incorporating an entire ecosystem that could benefit farmers.  Emmett Ridge is known for its ethical animal treatment and fair land use, returning much of the nutrients consumed by animals back to the land in a continuous farming cycle.


After dedicating his early career to the marine corp, Jeremy Boswell moved from North Carolina back to Batavia Ohio where he met his wife in 2003.  Lauren Boswell has a degree in communications from Miami University and works in the veterinary pharmaceutical field. Together they shared a dream of experimenting with improved agricultural techniques and bought their first property in the year 2008.

Emmett Ridge Farms grows kale, strawberries, blueberries, honey bees. More importantly, Boswell invested in Highland livestock known for their light grazing and heritage breed dogs.  The farm also raises chickens and turkeys on pasture. Emmett Ridge experimented with stock raising, crop rotation, and soil fertilization, and promoted diversified farming—rather than the usual focus on a few cash crops—as the solution to many of the agricultural challenges of the day.


The original Emmett Ridge Farm is located in Brown County Ohio.  Part of its structures was moved to be incorporated into the new location in Amelia, Ohio. Please elaborate on the moving process. The new property is only 20 minutes outside of downtown Cincinnati and accessible to the entire greater Cincinnati Region. The farm boasts 132 beautiful acres with 7 ponds amazing variety of wildlife and trees and an extremely accessible concrete path winding through the entire property.  Emmett Ridge will have a lasting impact on the agricultural history of Clermont County—and through its fair land use, on U.S. agriculture.


After moving locations, the Boswells decided to dedicate a new event facility to driving the education of ethical farming. In May 2019 they established the Emmett Ridge Event Center consisting of 8000 square feet of event space and a full-service kitchen. The mixed-use facility is particularly distinctive, consisting of two large ballroom wings joined by a connecting hallway with its own gambrel roof and a full-service bar. They are excited to start hosting corporate events, team building, educational field trips, and weddings with a farm to table feel. When designing a space that inspires, Emmett Ridge took cues from the distinguished 1628 Coworking conference rooms and open workspace.