Cocoon: Fibers of Home

Where: 1628 Ltd., 11 Garfield Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45202
What/When: Free Opening Event, Saturday, March 6th, 2020, 12PM-4PM, Timed Entry
Exhibition Duration:  Mar 1st  – May 21st: Monday – Friday, 9 – 5pm


We are pleased to invite you to join 1628 Ltd. to view our newest exhibition, Cocoon: Fibers of Home.

Cocoon features 12 local and regional women identifying artists, Annabel Biernat, Darden Bradshaw, Denise Burge, Casey Dressell, Katherine Gibson, Heather Jones, Genevieve Lavalle, Maggie Myers, Eden Quispe, Ann Rebele, Kate Spencer, Emily Van Walleghen.

Artists gain inspiration from many different avenues, one of the most predominant being their surroundings. In a time where most of us are spending more time than ever at home, it is only natural for inspiration to be drawn from the domestic surroundings of our living spaces. 

Home is a place of comfort, and it is arguably your most personal space. This show is focused on honoring those personal spaces and showcasing individual vulnerability through fiber art. 


Opening Guidelines:

The official opening date for the exhibition will be Saturday, March 6th from 12PM-4PM. Our opening event will be broken up into four time slots (12PM, 1PM, 2PM, & 3PM). This is a free ticketed event. Tickets are required to attend the exhibition to manage the number of guests in the facility at a time. 

Each session will last 45 minutes and will have a maximum of 40 entrants per session with ample space to social distance. After each session, the facility will be sanitized. 1628 is committed to making our gallery a place where visitors can come and feel safe, comfortable, and healthy. 

Social distancing guidelines to prioritize the safety of our guests are as follows:.

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