City Homes at Wasson Way takes an innovative approach to improve communities by adopting Smart Growth principles. As a LEED certified developer, Kenneth French founded the Habitation Development Group in 2010 to create inspiring designs and maximizing the use of public space in a compact design.

This project offers community benefits and amenities that both inspire and conserve. As a long-time city resident reliant on public transportation, I support projects that embrace sustainable transportation lifestyles in Cincinnati. Embracing community support is also important to success, and CHWW has taken feedback wholeheartedly. Finally, 1628 feels this development is finding a creative use for an otherwise unusable piece of land for any commercial purpose, and see the long-term benefits for the community.

City Homes are slated to present their development ideas to the Oakey and Hyde Park community councils. If you are interested in learning more about their project, you can attend one of these events or read about their proposal here.