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Chase Public Response Project XXVIII – The Pieces I Am

1628 Ltd.
11 Garfield Pl
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Friday, May 24th
Doors at 7:00
Performance at 7:30

Free of charge

Hello one and all, please join us! May 24th, 7:00pm for the 28th installment of The Chase Public Response Project – this time focused on a collection of work currently on display at 1628 ltd. titled “The Pieces I Am: Artwork from the Sara M. and Michelle Vance Waddell Private Collection.” “The Pieces I Am” celebrates the diversity of the female artistic voice including local, national, and international works of art. The exhibit includes works of sculpture, tapestry, folk art, and photography. Many of these works of art have been on loan to major arts organizations but have not been on view to the public in Cincinnati and thus making their debut as iconic as the artists the works represent. Of the 22 artworks in this exhibition, some of the featured artists include Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Bessie Nickens, Carolee Schneemann, Laurie Simmons, and Lorna Simpson among others.”

The respondents have been given total autonomy to respond however feels most appropriate to them; which could vary from musical performance to poetry, dance, lecture, rant, powerpoint, game, anything. They each have 10 minutes to express, perform, or share their response to this piece of art – informed by their experience, perspective, and opinion. Their response may be focused on a single piece, several pieces, or the entire show.


Noel Maghathe | Erin Kapor
Teisha Murray | Dani Clark
Jill Jantzen | Eva Patterson

Inspired by Pianist Brianna Matzke’s “The Stockhausen Response Project,” The Chase Public Response Project is an opportunity for creators and audiences to interact with art in a new way. Writers, artists, performers, and thinkers are assembled monthly(ish) to give their interpretation and share their impressions of the selected piece; they are given free rein to do so by any means they choose.

Chase Public is a collaborative space for art and assembly. Chase Public was conceived with the intent to create an environment that could help balance consumption with creativity, individualism with collaboration, high art with honest work and plain language.  Chase Public hosts poetry readings, music concerts, art openings, book signings, independent theater, stand-up comedy, hotly-contested debates, collaborative art-making, radical activism workshops, crazy-ass parties, and maybe one bird fight. Mostly poetry readings.

ABOUT 1628 ltd.//
1628 is located in Cincinnati, OH. Home to Fortune 100 companies, mid-sized businesses and a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, Cincinnati is both a destination for traveling professionals and a regional hub of commercial activity. Our members consist of independent consultants seeking a permanent workspace, business travelers in need of an outpost, and larger corporations desiring offsite space for meetings and collaborative sessions. Our members enjoy access to our Downtown location as well as our Kenwood space, which will open in the Spring of 2018. If you are local artists and would like your work featured at 1628 Coworking Gallery, please submit your portfolio here.


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