Jun 28

1628 Summer 2022 Virtual Art Experience: Not Quite Seen 06/28/22

Not Quite Seen: An Exhibition Investigating How Artists Perceive the World We have now put our Summer 2022 exhibition, Not Quite Seen, online as a virtual tour! Click HERE to experience the exhibition. About the exhibition: “Abstract art” is an extensive term that sprawls throughout the archives of art history. It has a deeply rooted history across […]

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Apr 25

Women Empowered Program Featured in Cincinnati Future 04/25/22

Women Empowered is a program started by the owner of 1628 Ltd, Tamara Schwarting, to help fellow women entrepreneurs gain success and learn the valuable skills they need. This program along with the program manager Colleen O’Connor were featured in Cincinnati Future. Women Empowered offers workshops, networking opportunities and a community for women entrepreneurs to […]

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Mar 21

The Value of having Plants in the Workplace 03/21/22

Have you ever looked around your workplace and noticed that something was missing? Did you know that there are benefits to having indoor plants in your work space? Women On Business discusses the five benefits of plants in the workspace, read more below!  Here at 1628, our gallery, private office space, and conference rooms are […]

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Mar 14

Women Empowered March 2022 Speaker Series 03/14/22

Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of amazing women in American history and empower women today to reach for success. In honor of this month Women Empowered, 1628’s inclusive leadership initiative will be hosting a speaker series for women entrepreneurs and business owners.  In this three-part series participants will get to […]

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Mar 07

Productivity Apps 03/07/22

Are you struggling to be productive? Are you finding yourself losing track of time or your productivity decreasing throughout the day? Thankfully, productivity apps have been created to help us keep track of our daily tasks. It is easy to let items on your to-do list fall through the cracks. Sometimes you just need a […]

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Mar 01

1628’s WE program launches Free Coworking for Women Entrepreneurs 03/01/22

1628’s Women Empowered program launches Free Coworking for Women Entrepreneurs   This month, we are empowering our members and YOU by opening our home at 1628 to women-owned businesses. Do you need a spot to work for an hour or two to increase your productivity? Do you need a conference room to meet with a […]

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Feb 21

Hybrid Working 02/21/22

As we have gone through the pandemic, many companies have turned to remote work environments. The “Hybrid Working” phrase has been brought to the attention of many of those in the workforce as they now have to mix working from home and in-office working. What exactly does this mean? Many employees now have the chance […]

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Feb 08

Burnout in the Workplace 02/08/22

Are You Feeling Burnout? There are many physical and physiological consequences of job burnout in the workplace. There are many different symptoms that are easily identifiable when the right steps are taken. To read more about possible symptoms, causes, risk factors and consequences visit The Mayo Clinic here. Try to take action quickly when handling […]

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Jan 24

Maximizing Productivity During the Workday 01/24/22

Are You Maximizing Your Productivity During the Workday? With everything going on in the world today, it can be hard to balance your home, social, and work lives. Do you ever find yourself losing focus in the workplace and procrastinating on crucial tasks or getting distracted at home? Forbes discusses eight proven strategies for maximizing […]

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Sep 22

1628’s Women Empowered program: Healthy Boundaries For Work & Home 09/22/21

1628’s Women Empowered program – Healthy Boundaries: For Work & Home Never before have the lines been so blurry between work life and personal life. Whether you are working from home 5 days a week, splitting your time between the corporate office and your home office, or are simply feeling like you never stop working, […]

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