Dec 05

10 Best Books For Female Entrepreneurs Worth Reading 12/05/23

Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, especially for women who face various societal and cultural challenges. However, the good news is that there are several incredible books written by successful female entrepreneurs that can guide and inspire other women to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Here at 1628, we believe in the power of women as […]

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Nov 28

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Successful Woman Business Owner 11/28/23

Imposter syndrome is a common psychological phenomenon where an individual struggles with self-doubt and the persistent feeling of not being good enough or deserving of their success. It’s a psychological pattern that particularly affects women who have become business owners and executives. Regardless of the level of success attained, many women in business still have […]

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Oct 12

The Power of Mentorship for Female Entrepreneurs 10/12/23

Are you in need of a mentor who is a woman business owner? 1628 is a woman owned company that supports other women owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Joining the 1628 community will give you networking opportunities with these experienced business owners.  Continue reading to learn how you can benefit from these mentorship opportunities: It’s no […]

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Aug 10

Empower Your Female Leaders: Why Co-Working Spaces are Essential to Boost Flexibility and Diversity 08/10/23

The modern workplace is evolving, and companies worldwide are recognizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in achieving business success. Consequently, an increasing number of women are securing leadership positions, bringing forward a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. However, recent studies show that women leaders are about 1.5 times more likely than men […]

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Apr 20

The Power of Mentorship for Women Entrepreneurs 04/20/23

1628 is a woman-owned company that supports other women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Joining the 1628 community will give you networking opportunities with these experienced business owners. In 2020, 1628 launched Women Empowered, a Program geared towards women in business. WE offers programming programming and networking opportunities to help businesses.  As we kick off Women’s History […]

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Apr 25

Women Empowered Program Featured in Cincinnati Future 04/25/22

Women Empowered is a program started by the owner of 1628 Ltd, Tamara Schwarting, to help fellow women entrepreneurs gain success and learn the valuable skills they need. This program along with the program manager Colleen O’Connor were featured in Cincinnati Future. Women Empowered offers workshops, networking opportunities and a community for women entrepreneurs to […]

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Mar 14

Women Empowered March 2022 Speaker Series 03/14/22

Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of amazing women in American history and empower women today to reach for success. In honor of this month Women Empowered, 1628’s inclusive leadership initiative will be hosting a speaker series for women entrepreneurs and business owners.  In this three-part series participants will get to […]

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Mar 01

1628’s WE program launches Free Coworking for Women Entrepreneurs 03/01/22

1628’s Women Empowered program launches Free Coworking for Women Entrepreneurs   This month, we are empowering our members and YOU by opening our home at 1628 to women-owned businesses. Do you need a spot to work for an hour or two to increase your productivity? Do you need a conference room to meet with a […]

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Sep 22

1628’s Women Empowered program: Healthy Boundaries For Work & Home 09/22/21

1628’s Women Empowered program – Healthy Boundaries: For Work & Home Never before have the lines been so blurry between work life and personal life. Whether you are working from home 5 days a week, splitting your time between the corporate office and your home office, or are simply feeling like you never stop working, […]

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Aug 30

1628’s Women Empowered’s program launches 6-month mastermind series 08/30/21

1628’s Women Empowered program launches 6-month mastermind series Women Empowered, a program of 1628 Ltd., is launching a new series in October 2021.  WE Connect is a 6-month mastermind program built to support women-identifying business owners and professionals. Mastermind groups are unlike any other business tool—groups are formed to fit your needs and align individuals […]

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