10 Best Books For Female Entrepreneurs Worth Reading

Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, especially for women who face various societal and cultural challenges. However, the good news is that there are several incredible books written by successful female entrepreneurs that can guide and inspire other women to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Here at 1628, we believe in the power of women as […]

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Successful Woman Business Owner

Imposter syndrome is a common psychological phenomenon where an individual struggles with self-doubt and the persistent feeling of not being good enough or deserving of their success. It’s a psychological pattern that particularly affects women who have become business owners and executives. Regardless of the level of success attained, many women in business still have […]

Utilizing Natural Sunlight for a Healthier Work Day

A natural sunlight-filled office space has a lot of benefits that are often overlooked. Incorporating natural light into the workplace can lead to improved cognition, better physical health, and improved moods. This article will explain why it is important to take advantage of natural sunlight when possible in order to increase productivity levels and overall […]

How to Calm Your Mind During a Busy Workday

While it may feel like the right thing to do is try to power through the stress of the day, what you really need is to take a few moments for yourself to recenter. Establishing a practice of meditating during your workday can help you stay focused and calm, even when unexpected stressors arise. Luckily, […]

Practices to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Workplace

January is Mental Health Month and a great time to raise awareness of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter depression. SAD occurs during winter months due to decreased levels of sunlight and can cause feelings of sadness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. As the days become shorter and darker, it can be difficult to stay […]

The Benefits of Meditation Apps in the Workplace

Meditation apps provide employees with an effective way to manage their stress and anxiety levels in the workplace. Employers must prioritize employee well-being if they are to attract and retain talent. By providing access to meditation apps, employers can help their employees find balance and achieve greater job satisfaction.  What Are Meditation Apps?  Meditation apps […]

Dealing with Microstress: Techniques for Managing the Impact

Every day brings its own set of challenges, from deadlines to finances to employee management. But are you aware of the insidious threat of microstress? Micro-stressors are small, ongoing stressors that accumulate over time and can lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and physical and mental health issues. At 1628, you can experience an environment that […]

How to Unwind After Vacation and Return to Work Stress-Free

Taking a vacation is great for your mental and physical health, but returning to work can be a stressful experience. The emails that have piled up while you’ve been away, the urgent tasks waiting for you on your desk… It can all add up to feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. But don’t worry! With some […]

The Right Way to Measure Success: Productivity and Delivering Results in Business

In the modern business world, our notions of success and productivity have become too closely tied to activity level. However, being constantly active doesn’t always translate into real, tangible results. Instead of focusing on activity as a metric for success, let’s step back and reevaluate our definition of productivity. This blog post explores the importance […]