May 29

Yes, Co-Working Spaces Can Work For You 05/29/20

This article was originally posted on Yes, Co-Working Spaces Can Work For You By: Tamara Schwarting In cities, suburbs and small towns alike, professionals are ditching traditional office spaces in favor of co-working, but some professionals are skeptical of the shift as this movement disrupts long-held business norms. Within certain fields, co-working has always been […]

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May 20

Attention to Detail Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Purdum 05/20/20

Jennifer Purdum Jennifer Purdum Ordinary objects can often be the repository of our memories and our identities. In an effort to link personal connections with objects and places, the recent series of digital prints titled “ViewFinder” are a combination of screen printed Plexi glass props that are used as view-finders to capture the changing neighborhood […]

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May 08

Attention to Detail Artist Spotlight: Margot Gotoff 05/08/20

Margot Gotoff Margot Gotoff After months of clay sculpting, Gotoff’s work is made into a synthetic rubber mold covered by a multi-piece mother mold. The mold is removed from the clay piece, cleaned, and wax is painted into the rubber mold. The wax sets, and is carefully removed, and a large plaster and silica flour […]

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May 04

1628’s Health and Safety Policy 05/04/20

To our valued 1628 Members and guests: Your health and safety is our top priority. Therefore, we have implemented new policies to help us prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and limit the impact on our community. Thank you for reading this and supporting our efforts! Following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease […]

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May 01

Attention to Detail Artist Spotlight: Rachel Suzanne Smith 05/01/20

Rachel Suzanne Smith Rachel Suzanne Smith’s works focuses on highlighting naturally occurring wildflowers in a way for it to be celebrated. Her work consists of both sculptural and functional art jewelry, as well as adornment for the walls with direct references to specific flora encountered by the artist predominantly in her current place of residency […]

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Apr 17

Attention to Detail Artist Spotlight: Lori Nix 04/17/20

Lori Nix Lori Nix Landscapes and interiors are more than a visual record of an environment. They also capture the emotional, sometimes spiritual, essence of a place. The series Empire and The City present a world transformed by climate uncertainty and a shifting social order, as it stumbles towards a new kind of frontier. These […]

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Apr 03

Attention to Detail Artist Spotlight: Susan Byrnes 04/03/20

Susan Byrnes Susan Byrnes’ sculptures begin as ordinary, functional objects (tools, clothing, etc.) that are transformed through the process of lost wax casting, which enables her to add to or emphasize elements of the form. By changing an object’s material composition and structure, what starts out as mundane or pedestrian becomes symbolic and evocative. These […]

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Mar 27

1628 Art Exhibit: Virtual Tour of Attention to Detail 03/27/20

Attention to Detail: An Exhibition of The Female Fabricator – Virtual Tour We have now put our spring 2020 exhibition, Attention to Detail, online as a virtual tour! Click here to experience the exhibition. Special Thanks to  Cinci360  for capturing the space and allowing 1628 the opportunity to share this exhibition with those not able to visit in […]

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Dec 06

1628 Art Exhibit: Virtual Tour of ALIGNED 12/06/19

ALIGNED: The Art of Design – Virtual Tour A DAAP Faculty, Student, and Alumni Exhibition At 1628, we believe there is no such thing as creating in a vacuum. Art cannot be made without influence by its surroundings, and when you are in an art institution, you are influenced by the work others are creating […]

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Feb 01

What To Consider When Designing A Workplace That Inspires 02/01/19

This article originally appeared on Tamara Schwarting is the CEO of 1628 LTD., a curated coworking community of independent professionals and the professionally independent in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is also an executive level consultant in business processes and supply chain purchasing. Read more of Tamara’s articles here. This article was written in collaboration with Meggie Bailey, a […]

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