Being a mom entrepreneur can be challenging. On one hand, you have the demands of running your own business, while on the other, you have to juggle the needs of being a mother. How do you balance it all? The key lies in finding that perfect balance between work and life integration. Here’s how to make it happen.


Create Boundaries

When you’re trying to balance work and life integration, it’s important to create boundaries between them. That means setting aside specific times during which you only focus on work and specific times when you put 100 percent of your attention into being a mom. This will help ensure that neither area is neglected or given less attention than it deserves. It will also give you a sense of structure so that both areas get the focus they need when they need it.


Take Time for Yourself  

Self-care is essential for any mom entrepreneur striving for balance in their life. Taking time away from your business and family responsibilities can help recharge your batteries, reduce stress, and give you some much-needed perspective on everything going on in your life. Whether it’s an hour-long yoga class or an afternoon spent reading a book at the park, taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of everyone else in your life.


Start Saying No  

When we try to do too much—which many moms tend to do—we end up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by it all. To combat this feeling, start saying “no” more often; no to commitments that don’t serve your purpose or add value to your life, no to activities that drain the little energy you have left, and no to anything else that doesn’t bring joy or fulfillment into your life. Saying “no” is hard at first but eventually becomes easier with practice!


Finding a balance between work and life integration isn’t easy for any mom entrepreneur but with these tips, it’s definitely achievable! Create boundaries between each area so neither gets neglected; take time for yourself; and start saying “no” more often so you can stay focused on what matters most without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted by everything going on around you. With enough dedication and self-care, finding balance as a mom entrepreneur is within reach!


At 1628, we understand the struggle of being a mom and running a business. It’s important to create boundaries and make sure that you are taking care of yourself. If you are in this position, we recommend reading How to Grow Your Business and Grow a Baby written by Claire Krawsczyn. Click this link to get a copy of the book for yourself: