Margot Gotoff

Margot Gotoff, Torso Fragment, Cast glass from clay and wax originals

Margot Gotoff After months of clay sculpting, Gotoff’s work is made into a synthetic rubber mold covered by a multi-piece mother mold. The mold is removed from the clay piece, cleaned, and wax is painted into the rubber mold. The wax sets, and is carefully removed, and a large plaster and silica flour mold is made around the wax. 

When that is set, the wax is melted out of the mold, which is carefully placed in the oven to begin the drying process. Once dry, pieces of different color glass are painstakingly put into the mold and mounded up. A program is then set up for the oven in which the glass is brought to a melting point of 1550 degrees.

Margot Gotoff, Hidden Souls, Cast glass from clay and wax originals

After some hours, Gotoff covered in kevlar, she makes the decision to start the annealing or cooling down process. The cooling down process takes up to one month to cool down properly. Then comes the exciting moment when the oven door can be lifted, and the piece finally comes to fruition.

Gotoff was accepted at L’ Ecole des Beaux Arts, spending two deep and intense years in their sculpture program. She received her MFA in sculpture from the University of Michigan. During her first twenty years in sculpture she showed in New York, Rome, and Boston. Glass became her favored medium over the course of her career, and loves its challenges and its mystery to this day.

Margot Gotoff has a total of 6 pieces of art displayed in our Attention to Detail exhibit. All exhibit pieces are for sale. If you are interested in seeing the exhibition virtually, click here. If interested in purchasing or displaying art in the 1628 Coworking gallery, please contact us at

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