no vacancy Artist Spotlight: Josh Newell

Josh Newell produces stunning works of art on a canvas of steel. Creating truly unique pieces of art through a medium of his own creation that utilizes various methods of oxidation applied to sheet steel. During the process of testing different methods of oxidation and developing the medium Pareidolia has become an ever increasing concept within the art. Creating backgrounds and elements within the art that are intended to induce Pareidolia by including partial images, patterns, and at times an overload of random it allows each person viewing the art to have their own unique experience and connection with the art.

Josh has a total of nine pieces of art displayed in our  no vacancy exhibit. All exhibit pieces are for sale. If interested in purchasing or displaying art in the 1628 Coworking gallery, please contact us at

Sea Turtle (2019) | Medium: Oxidation on sheet steel |68”x68” |$2800

Zebras  (2018) |Medium: Oxidation on sheet steel | 20.5” x 28” |$700

Rhino Portrait (2018) | Oxidation on sheet steel |16” x 27.5” |$650

Elephant (2019) | Oxidation on sheet steel | 72″ x 48″ | $3600

Female Portrait (2018)  | Oxidation on sheet steel |24”x 24”| $800

Demon Portrait #1 (2019) |Oxidation on sheet steel |72”x”29” |$3000

Demon Portrait #2 (2019) | Oxidation on sheet steel |48” x29” | 2000

Demon Portrait #3  (2018) | Oxidation on sheet steel |23” X 33” | $800

Skull (2019) |Oxidation on sheet steel |48” x 24” |$1800

View more of Josh’s work here.

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