Dale Jackson, Linda Kunick, & Ishmael Williams

This Winter, 1628 is collaborating with Visionaries and Voices (V+V) to present Rephrase: An Exploration of the World Through the Lens of Pop Art. V+V is an inclusive art studio located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is comprised of a community of friends and supporters who provide creative, professional, and educational opportunities to artists with and without disabilities. The body of work in Rephrase is centered around the response to visual culture and popular culture icons.  This group exhibition references and honors artists who have been deeply affected by something from our visual culture and bring new meaning through “rephrasing” these icons and ideas through their unique perspective and process.  Rephrase is a group show featuring 19 local V+V artists.


Here we are highlighting three such artists from Rephrase:


Dale Jackson creates unlikely associations and complex poetry with everyday materials.  With a sharpie marker and colored poster board, he writes in a stream of consciousness style which becomes very direct visual poetry.  Common motifs in the work include, Motown, classic cars, the Beatles, and excerpts from his daily life.  The combination and specifics of these elements creates something humorous, timely, and humble.

Untitled (Writing Series), 2020

Linda Kunick is an artist, an advocate, and an activist. She works primarily on paper, creating bright, colorful images with crayon and colored pencil. Kunick returns to similar themes in her work, including nature, religion, and colorful abstractions. One image that appears throughout her work is the butterfly. Butterflies are Kunick’s personal motif, symbolizing change, growth, and freedom. Kunick is a 2017 graduate of  V+V’s Teaching Artist Program and has annually visited Nicaragua for the last 21 years to do mission work.

De Colores, 2020

Ishmael Williams describes a spiritual experience that occurred in the late 90’s when talking about his art. He discovered a hidden world behind the created world of video games; hidden features, Easter eggs, cheat codes, version differences, and unreleased content. Exploring these discoveries, his art depicts familiar characters, constructs and concepts, transformed by his environment and the people around him. His human influences on his digital sources create what he calls “sweet fusion art”, both original, referential, nostalgic and current. Utilizing clean, strong lines, flat compositions inter-cut with action call-outs, and composition elements of side-scrolling platformers, each piece offers a living, moving world. His strength and adaptability are summed up in his own words: “Just draw yourself a new picture.”

Mr. Tuff and Eek the Cat, 2019

All exhibit pieces are for sale. If you are interested in seeing the exhibition virtually, click here. If interested in purchasing or displaying art in the 1628 Coworking gallery, please contact us at art@tamaras.wpenginepowered.com.

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