Still Life art is a captivating genre that invites viewers to appreciate the beauty and significance of ordinary objects carefully arranged and captured in a static composition. Stillness in Motion is an exhibition that seeks to showcase the beauty, diversity, and complexity of still life art throughout history to modern day representation. This show allows artists to speak through inanimate objects using their specific style and choice of symbolism. This act of artistic creation invites viewers to appreciate the quiet beauty of everyday objects and the stories they tell, providing a space for introspection, contemplation, and connection. 

The relationship we hold with our everyday devices hold a multitude of layers. Our inanimate objects hold memories, experiences, and emotions. A still life can stand in the simplest form of celebrating our everyday material goods. A still life can also tell a story of a timeless testament to our shared or personal experiences as mortal beings. Our lives are fast paced and constantly in motion, and at times hard to conceptualize. When we allow ourselves to take a moment and experience hush, we may find it easier to process life as we know it. Stillness in Motion is intended to evoke that same feeling, transforming our perception of the world around us.

Stillness in Motion will give the spotlight to artists from the greater Cincinnati, Ohio region. The goal of the pieces showcased in this exhibition is to reflect timeless aspects of everyday life. Each work carries a unique message intended to evoke familiar and/or new emotions and memories. With every wall of this exhibition offering up classic and modern still-life art, it will be easy for patrons to find something new that will leave them feeling inspired.

This Fall, 1628 is proud to give a spotlight to 21 talented artists from the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky area in our exhibition, Stillness in Motion: Still Life Art and its Reflection on Human Existence. This show features artists including Drew Christman, Katlin Combs, and Elizabeth Baumgartner. 

Drew Christman is an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. As a multimedia artist that works predominantly as an illustrator and painter his process begins in the present, often depicting everyday objects, and found objects. He seeks to comment on the historical cannon of painting still life, but he does so with contemporary mediums that allude to his background as a Graffiti Artist. Heavily inspired by retro symbolism, tattoo culture, and vintage band posters he illustrates a narrative through the relationships of the objects in his work. The use of fluorescent paint brings out a brilliance through his work, but also challenges surrounding colors in his pallet, which he refers to as “forbidden color pallets”. His process is therapeutic, therefore his work captures his own personal frustrations, and comforts.

“‘Palm’, is a still life paying homage to my youth as a graffiti writer. The symbolism on the pot is supposed to represent a memorial to that time period, and the beer can as a token of celebration for that time. ‘Kingdom’, is a still life I based off the beginning of spring/end of a season. A time where I find myself repotting plants, and moving around a lot of empty pots.” 

Katlin Combs is a queer interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio. They graduated in 2023 from the University of Cincinnati in the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning with a Bachelor of Fine Arts focused in photography. Katlin uses photography, alternative photographic processes, and installation to share their lived experiences as a queer human being born with a physical genetic disability.

“Being queer, you can be self-conscious about how people perceive you. I attempt to combat this feeling by wearing things that make me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. When I wear my Doc Martens I feel grounded. The act of putting my feet into the shoe and lacing them up feels like I am getting ready for battle. My body now protected, I am ready to march into whatever lies ahead.”

Elizabeth Baumgartner is a native Cincinnatian for over 40 years, raising her two daughters and pup Honey Bear. She is a full time UPS Driver of over 20 years and started painting about 5 yrs ago when her family’s new puppy was faced with some extensive medical issues. She talked to people on her rte that wanted to help her with some of the medical expenses. That’s when she decided to paint florals on wooden hearts that she would sell to help pay for Honey Bear’s medical needs. It was then that she opened an Instagram account that she named Art on Her Heart and that’s when so many opportunities slowly started unfolding for her. She currently has work at Millcroft Gallery, some local Cincy shops and also sells on her Instagram (which is where it all began for her). Her style is very colorful, layered and full of good energy. You have to look closely, to catch all the little hidden details in each piece. “Art is such a healing gift and she loves sharing it with the world”, she says. She can’t wait to see where her art takes her next!

“My art is full of color and many layers of details. I start with a very organic process of dripping color and very loose line work and allowing the piece to speak to me as objects start to form/resemble certain things, such as flowers, birds, etc. My pieces are all bright colors which relate to happy/positive energy. I think that relates to the place I’m in, in my life currently. I feel very fortunate to be in a position to share my happiness in my art and I want others to feel that positive energy.”

The Fall 2023 Exhibition will be on display August 28th – November 16th, 2023.

Multiple pieces in this exhibition are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any artwork from the show, please contact us at