Chro•Ma Artist Spotlight: Aaron Delamatre

After graduating from the Art Academy in 2002, Aaron ran a small theater company, the Art & Drama Club, writing and directing original plays that combined puppets and actors with fantastical storytelling. He created a card game, Omniana, where monsters have theoretical battles to the death. He has made comics for print and online, including Dungeon Face, a choose-your-own comic which crowd-sourced an improvised story by having readers vote on the character’s decision. He has also had exhibitions of drawings, paintings, and sculptures, locally and nationally, most recently at 1305 Gallery and the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. During the daytime hours, Aaron works as a preparator for the Carl Solway Gallery and the Contemporary Arts Center.

Aaron Delamatre has a total of three pieces of art displayed in our Chro*Ma exhibit. All exhibit pieces are for sale. If interested in purchasing or displaying art in the 1628 Coworking gallery, please contact us at

In the Museum | Ink on paper | 16″ x 20″ | 2017 | $200



Platform | Pencil on paper | 14″ x 17″ | 2017 | $200



Space Junk | Giclee print | 51″ x 51″ collectively (framed with5″ between), 9″ x9″ individually (framed) | 2018 | $800 (complete set of 16), $80 each



View more of Aaron’s work here.

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