Call for Submission

ALIGNED | The Art of Design

DAAP SoA Faculty, Student, and Alumni Exhibition
December 5th – February 29th

At 1628, we believe there is no such thing as creating in a vacuum. Art cannot be made without influence by its surroundings. When you are in an art institution, you are influenced by the work others are doing around you. DAAP is a building dedicated to design thinking, where aesthetics are seen as a solution to creative problems. The art school is housed in a building devoted to design, creating an aesthetic of art unique to its students. 

Because of this, 1628’s Winter exhibition is highlighting this unique mindset and aesthetic quality of DAAP SoA faculty, students, and alumni. ALIGNED will showcase this design-oriented mindset by showcasing works that are design focused; aesthetically and conceptually.

The aesthetics of the work submitted for the show should include one or more of the following:

Clean lines, solid and bright colors, geometric/organic juxtaposition, creative uses of text, use of grids or patterns

These are general guidelines that should be considered when you are submitting work for the show. However, if you believe a piece relates to the overarching theme without having these exact qualities, feel free to submit it and it will be reviewed. 

We are located downtown at 11 Garfield place, and you are more than welcome to visit our gallery to have a better idea of the setting. If you have any specific questions or would like to visit, please email me, Annabel Biernat, 1628 Art Curator, at

In the meantime, here is a virtual tour of our space:

The final decisions for the art to be featured will be decided by our curation team and communicated by Friday, October 25. Unfortunately we will not be able to select all pieces submitted, but please don’t be discouraged, this is one opportunity of many in your career as an artist. 

Please submit at the following link:

Apply online by Friday, October 11, @ 5pm 


Good luck, and we can’t wait to see your artwork.

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