Originally published by AEQAI

By Amy Bogard – September 28th, 2019

“It would be difficult to write about artwork being shown at 1628 without a nod first to the space itself. The gallery situated in the 1628 Co-working space is unlike more traditional galleries in that artwork is in direct relationship with those who utilize the space for more than merely viewing art.  The art informs their work lives in the day to day…”

“…The making of prints, historically speaking, allowed for repeated images or writings to be disseminated amongst the masses, which drastically changed who was in charge of new ideas as well as how these ideas were shared. The making of prints changed the world.  From the show notes brochure:  “Printmaking lends itself to creating art in multiples, making it an art form begging to be shared and distributed with others.  This has led printmaking to be an ideal avenue for artists to share their diverse experiences, creating works centered around the body, identity, and human experience.”   The prints collected for First Edition do just that….”

“…First Edition is on display through November, 2019.  1628 is located at 11 Garfield Place, Cincinnati and is open M-F, 830 am-530 pm.”

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