It’s important to get your body moving and take care of your physical health, but working an office job can make it hard to attain an active lifestyle throughout the day. Next time you’re at 1628 take the stairs, walk to a local restaurant for lunch, or implement one of these desk exercises into your routine to help you stay active during your work day!


Working a desk job can be tough on your body, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice staying healthy for a productive day in the office. With these five desk exercises, you can stay fit and energized without scaring your office mates!


Desk Squats – When you’re stuck in the middle of a project, take a few minutes to stand up from your chair and do some squats. Not only will this help keep your legs strong, it’s also an excellent way to get the blood flowing throughout your body and boost your energy levels. All you need is a few feet of space between you and the wall behind you, or maybe even just enough room for a full squat right next to your chair!


Chair Dips – Find something sturdy like the edge of a table or countertop and use it as leverage for some chair dips. This exercise helps strengthen your arms, abs, chest, shoulders, and back muscles all at once! Make sure that whatever surface you are using is stable enough to not move out from under you when doing this exercise.


Wall Push-Ups – If there’s space between two walls in your office, use it as an opportunity for some wall push-ups. This exercise is great for building upper body strength without having to leave your desk area. Just make sure that whatever walls you are using are sturdy enough to support you while doing this exercise!


Leg Lifts – To give those leg muscles a break from squatting all day long try doing some leg lifts instead! These can be done seated or standing depending on what kind of room you have around your desk area. They help tone up those leg muscles without any extra equipment required!


Desk Jumps – Get off that chair and give yourself an energy boost with some desk jumps! This exercise is great for getting the heart rate up while still being able to stay in one spot near the desk area. All that’s required is enough room around the edges of the desk so that when jumping up onto it there won’t be any obstacles in the way.


Staying active during work hours doesn’t have to be hard or scary (for those around you). Incorporating these five simple exercises into your daily routine at work, not only will it help keep you fit, but also energized throughout the day as well. So what are you waiting for? Give these exercises a try today and see how much better they make working from home feel!

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