1628 Ltd. Launches Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative

New program includes a Residency Program and Online Registry for Women-Owned Businesses and Organizations
Cincinnati, OH .— March 4, 2020: 1628 Ltd., Downtown Cincinnati’s leader in the coworking space has launched a new program, Women Empowered, focusing on women entrepreneurs and business owners.  Women Empowered (WE) developed after founder, Tamara Schwarting, saw the need of other women entrepreneurs like herself, struggling to gain access to support systems to help their businesses thrive and grow.
“Coming from a corporate career at P&G, I had access to mentor groups, professional development, and growth opportunities.  These experiences helped inform my own personal growth, and in turn led me to develop into the entrepreneur I am today.” says Tamara Schwarting, founder of 1628 Ltd.  “When going out on my own to launch 1628 Ltd., I found that Cincinnati is fortunate to have a multitude of great organizations supporting women in entrepreneurship, but finding the information was very challenging and took a lot of effort.  Women Empowered looks to help women-owned businesses succeed by enabling them to find the resources that support education, connection, and access.”
WE is an inclusive leadership initiative dedicated to empowering women-identifying entrepreneurs and self-starters.  WE’s mission is to fuel women in business by creating a thriving community built on mentorship, professional development, and support available through a centralized physical and digital hub.  WE aims to reduce barriers to education, development, and capital to help women in Cincinnati’s business community thrive.
The cornerstone of WE is the digital hub which provides access to a women-owned business directory, resource center (including training and women’s events), and a comprehensive local listing of other organizations and certifications.  1628 Ltd. is partnering with women-owned businesses and organizations to coordinate tri-monthly women-led workshops and professional development, which will provide opportunities for women-identifying entrepreneurs to get connected and focus on key areas needed to grow their businesses.
In March, Women Empowered launches its Residency Program.  Women-owned business and entrepreneurs, in the early stages of their ventures, can apply to be awarded a spot in the 16-week program which provides dedicated space at 1628 Ltd.’s headquarters, training, and access to consultants to help grow their ventures.
“While we look forward to offering a lot of great programming led by women that address topics important to their business, we are really excited about our residency program.  This is the first residency-based program specific for women entrepreneurs in the region.” says Colleen O’Connor, Women Empowered Program Manager. “We are eager to drive this type of experience which will help develop new businesses with mentorship, education, and opportunity.”
Learn more about Women Empowered, the WE Residency, Upcoming Events, and to get engaged by visiting https://www.women-empowered.com.

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