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Social Events at 1628

Searching for the ideal location to hold your upcoming bridal shower, cocktail reception, or milestone event?

Look no further and host your social event at 1628 Ltd. We are a coworking space that inspires productivity, yet, built to easily transform into a beautiful space for special occasions.

Conveniently located in downtown Cincinnati, we are centrally located. Though 1628 Ltd. is primarily used as an office environment, its art-infused walls, plush seating areas, sculpture-like lighting, and billowy white curtained walls could easily be the perfect setting for your special occasion.

Choosing to host your event with us means you can achieve your desired experience either by being involved in the planning or letting our staff coordinate. Ease the planning process and get inspired by selecting one of our pre-planned packages. 1628 experiences are completely customizable depending on your event.

Hosting out of town guests? Our partner Kinley Hotel Cincinnati is just around the corner for ease of transportation. 1628 receives preferred pricing with Kinley. Everything you need within one city block.

Our door is open, we’re happy to host, inquire today.

Your health and safety is our top priority. We have implemented policies to help us prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and limit the impact on our community.  Read more about our health and safety policies here.

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