1628 Ltd. is honored to have won the Small Business Big Impact Award from Cincinnati Bell. This award is given to small businesses in the Cincinnati area who are supporting the community through the challenges of COVID-19. Many wonderful businesses received this award and we are honored to be among them.  As a designated essential business 1628 Ltd. was able to remain open to allow our members to continue working uninterrupted. Our dedicated offices have allowed for members to feel safe while continuing their critical work. Additionally, our Women Empowered program was created to help women-identifying entrepreneurs and business owners grow through opportunities for education, mentorship and networking.  1628 Ltd. has also helped students and local talent as well. It quickly became that students were losing important career starting internship and co-op opportunities due to the current crisis. By partnering with local institutions, working to find resources to support the increase in hiring goals, and investing in critical educational and mentoring opportunities we were able to increase the number of positions we filled by 2x and increased the opportunities to retain talent locally and invest in continuing their education through applied skill and experience building.  1628 Ltd. has looked for ways to not only to maintain our business, but to help support, grow, and allow for continuity of other businesses and individuals. We are proud of our continued positive impact on the small business and entrepreneurial community through this pandemic, and plan to continue pivoting and advancing this mission through the end of the current crisis and beyond. 
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